Spikenard 5ml

Harriet Herbery

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Spikenard 5ml
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 Botanical name - Nardostachys jatamansi

Family - Valerianaciae

 Spikenard oil is obtained from the roots & rhizomes of the plant via steam distillation. It is generally a pale yellow to an amber colour & has a woody, sweat, spicy aroma.

 Properties / Uses - Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, deodorant, fungicidal, laxative, sedative, tonic. May be used to help relieve insomnia, muscular spasm, muscular contraction, neuralgia, sciatica, aging skin, rashes, psoriasis, physical tension, stress related conditions, anxiety, nervous tension & to help calm. Spikenard is soothing, balancing & rejuvenating on all skin types.

 Emotionally / Spiritually - May have a calming effect on our minds & our hearts, helping to soothe deep anxieties as well as alleviating stress, insomnia, migraines & nervous tension. Spikenard may help us to find an inner balance / wholeness with our emotional, spiritual & physical energies, by calming, comforting, nourishing & balancing our heart & soul.

 Uses - Diffuser, direct inhalation, bath, cream, salve, skin care, massage oil, oil burner, vaporiser.

 No contraindication known. Considered non-irritating, non-sensitising & non-toxic.




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