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Red Agate Tumbled

Red Agate Tumbled

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Red Agate Tumbled

Red Agate  - Colour: Deep reddish-brown with natural banding patterns Chakra: Root Star Signs: Aries, Gemini

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances protection, stability, and grounding. Used for its stabilizing and grounding energy.

Healing Properties: Protection: Creates a powerful shield against negative influences and energies.* Grounding: Provides a strong connection to the Earth, promoting stability and security. * Physical Vitality: Supports physical well-being, vitality, and strength.

Additional Properties:

Stability and Balance: Promotes a sense of balance and inner strength. * Emotional Healing: Assists in emotional cleansing and healing past wounds. * Courage and Determination: Provides courage, determination, and inner resolve.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Agate, including Red Agate, has been used for its protective properties in various cultures throughout history.

Fun Fact: Red Agate is often associated with courage and strength, making it a popular choice for warriors and athletes in ancient times.

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