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Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled

Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled

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Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled

Rainbow Fluorite  - Colour: Various shades of purple, green, and blue in banded patterns Chakra: Third Eye, Crown Star Signs: Pisces, Capricorn

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances mental clarity, intuition, and spiritual growth. Used for its harmonizing and stabilizing energy.

Healing Properties: Mental Clarity: Supports clear thinking, focus, and decision-making.*Intuition and Insight: Amplifies intuitive abilities and inner knowing. *Emotional Balance: Promotes emotional stability, calm, and inner peace.

Additional Properties:

Spiritual Growth: Facilitates spiritual exploration and inner transformation. * Protection: Provides a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks. * Harmony and Balance: Balances energy and fosters inner strength.

Fun Fact: Rainbow Fluorite is known for its vibrant colors and is often used for its balancing and harmonizing properties.

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