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Petrified Wood Tumbled

Petrified Wood Tumbled

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Petrified Wood Tumbled

Petrified Wood - Colour: Varied, often shades of brown, with preserved wood grain patterns Chakra: Root

Associated Star Signs: Leo

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances grounding and connection to nature, aids in ancestor work and past-life regression.* Grounding and Stability: Provides a strong connection to the Earth, promoting stability and security. *Ancestor Work: Facilitates communication with ancestors and past-life energies.

Healing Properties:  Grounding and Calming: Brings a sense of calm and stability to the mind and emotions. * Connection to Nature: Strengthens the bond with the natural world and the energies of ancient forests. *Past-Life Insights: Provides access to ancient wisdom and experiences.

Additional Properties:

Strength and Resilience: Symbolizes endurance and longevity, offering strength in challenging times. * Wisdom and Knowledge: Encourages seeking knowledge and learning from the past * Transformation: Represents the cyclical nature of life and transformation.

Fun Fact: Petrified Wood is the result of trees that lived millions of years ago, where the organic material has been replaced by minerals, creating a stone-like structure.

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