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Nag Champa Attar 5ml

Nag Champa Attar 5ml

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Introducing the divine Nag Champa Attar.

This has been made in India and is absolutely delightful. Can be mixed with carrier as a perfume.  A little bit goes a long way.

Nag champa attar is derived from a flowering tree in the magnoliaceae/magnolia family.  It is a highly frangrant flower resembling ylang ylang.  


What is an attar?  It is a natural essential oil/perfume oil derived from botanical sources such as flowers, herbs, spices and barks.  they are most commonly produced via hydro or steam distillation.  They are highly concentrated natural, nature-based perfumes.



We do not recommend these products as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Do Not Ingest.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs.

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