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Lemon Quartz Tumbled

Lemon Quartz Tumbled

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Lemon Quartz Tumbled

Lemon Quartz - Colour: Vibrant yellow, resembling the color of fresh lemons Chakra: Solar Plexus Star Signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo Associated God/Goddess: Abundantia, Roman goddess of abundance and prosperity.

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances abundance, positivity, and mental clarity. Used for its bright and uplifting energy.

Healing Properties: Abundance and Prosperity: Attracts wealth, success, and positive opportunities. * Clarity and Focus: Promotes mental clarity, concentration, and decision-making. * Emotional Balance: Encourages a sense of joy, optimism, and emotional well-being.

Additional Properties:

Creativity: Stimulates creativity and inspires positive self-expression. * Energy and Vitality: Boosts energy levels and overall vitality. * Protection: Provides a shield against negative energies.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Lemon Quartz is considered a variation of quartz and shares its associations with abundance and prosperity.

Fun Fact: Lemon Quartz is associated with the energy of the sun and is often used to bring brightness and positivity to one's life.

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