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Resin - Royal Green Hojari Frankincense - 10gm

Resin - Royal Green Hojari Frankincense - 10gm

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Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Resin - 10gm

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Family: Burseraceae

This 100% pure Royal Hojari green frankincense resin, has been sustainable harvested from the Dhofar region in Oman.  The sacred trees are cared for by spiritual families who have harvested the same farm for generations.  The farmers believe that there is a sacred, special lineage that must take care of the trees and they have songs and ceremonies they use around harvest time.

This amazing resin has a refreshing smell that is reminiscent of citrus, pine, lime and woody, evergreen trees.

Suggested Uses:

  • burning by itself or mixed with other aromatics - using a charcoal disk, in the top of an oil burner.  Resin sticks and is hard to clean (try placing tin foil underneath to allow for easy cleaning).
  • frankincense water - drop 2-3 medium sized tears in 1-5 litres of purified/mineral water.  Allow water to sit overnight in a cool, dry place (fridge works well).  Mixture is ready following morning.  Drink throughout the day.  When bottle is empty it can be refilled with water until the resin is almost completely dissolved, then start again with more frankincense tears.  The frankincense water could also be used in cooking, herbal teas.
  • infusing in a carrier oil to use in skin/body care.

Interesting info: Boswellic acids are a series of pentacyclic triterpene molecules produced by plants in the Boswellia genus.  Simply the acids are chemicals naturally found in the resin of the plant.

Frankincense essential oil does not contain any boswellic acid as it is too large and heavy to be carried through the distillation process.  

Properties: This frankincense may help with relieving joint & muscle pain, inflammation, headaches, digestive problems, sore throats, respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis, coughs and fevers.  It may help to promote skin and tissue regeneration, strengthen and tone skin and muscles.

Energetics: Can help with stress and anxiety relief.  Has been used for many years to help with deep relaxation, soothing the spirit, enhancing a positive mood, enhancing clarity and memory, deepening meditation states and spiritual cleansing.  


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