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Dragon's Blood Tumbled

Dragon's Blood Tumbled

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Dragon's Blood Tumbled

Dragon's Blood - Color: Deep red, often in resin form Chakra: Root  Star Signs: Aries

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Amplifies spellwork, protection, and banishing negative energies. Used for enhancing rituals and offerings.

Healing Properties:  Protection: Creates a powerful shield against negative influences and energies.*

Courage and Strength: Provides courage, determination, and inner strength. *Emotional Healing: Assists in emotional cleansing and healing past wounds.

Additional Properties:

Enhanced Energy: Boosts vitality and energy levels. * Manifestation: Supports the manifestation of intentions and desires. *Purification: Cleanses spaces and objects of negative energies.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Dragon's Blood resin has been used in various magical and spiritual practices across cultures for centuries.

Fun Fact: Dragon's Blood resin is derived from the sap of a variety of trees and has a rich history in traditional medicine and magical practices.

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