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Chakra Essential Oil Blend - Heart Chakra

Chakra Essential Oil Blend - Heart Chakra

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Heart Chakra

Fourth Chakra

Geranium, Rose Damask, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender

The Twelve Petalled Lotus - Love

Chakra Essential Oil Blend - Heart Chakra

How to Use

When working on your chakra activation, balancing and purification, you will feel which chakra needs specific work.

You can use these oils by simply inhaling from the bottle and breathing it into that chakra, anointing yourself on the chakra area or if you wish you can diffuse a couple of drops into your diffuser. 

If you wish to use these oils in massage, use appropriate dilutions with a carrier oil noting any contraindications of any particular oils on the bottle.

These oils are not designed or necessary for ingesting.


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