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Mullein Leaf - Certified Organic - 50gm

Mullein Leaf - Certified Organic - 50gm

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Mullein Leaf - Certified Organic - 50gm

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsis

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Plant Part Used: Leaves/aerials

Properties: Antiviral, demulcent, lymphatic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, mild diuretic, mild sedative.  Mullein has been used traditionally to help with the treatment of various different inflammatory diseases such as earaches, diarrhoea, asthma, coughs and other respiratory ailments.  May also be used to help treat back pain.

Suggested Uses: Tea, infusion, tincture, decoction, smoke

Magical/Energetic Properties: Courage, protection, health, love, divination, clearing of unwanted energies.  May be placed under pillow to protect against nightmares.  Hang in windows or doorways or carry in small pouch to protect from unwanted spirits or energies. 


Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs.

We do not recommend these products as a replacement for traditional medicine.       

All information on this website is for information purposes only.  Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.

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