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Cat's Eye Tumbled

Cat's Eye Tumbled

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Cat's Eye Tumbler

Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye)- Colour: Typically greenish-yellow to brown, with a distinct 'cat's eye' band of light Chakra: Solar Plexus Associated Star Signs: Leo

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances intuition, offers protection, and aids in spiritual growth. * Protection: Guards against negative energies and psychic attacks. Intuition and Insight: Enhances psychic abilities and intuition.

Healing Properties: Protection: Provides a shield against negative influences and energies.* Enhanced Perception: Promotes clarity of thought and heightened awareness. *Grounding and Balance: Balances emotions and provides stability.

Additional Properties:

Luck and Prosperity: Traditionally considered a stone of good luck and fortune * Intuition: Strengthens the inner voice and helps in making wise decisions * Spiritual Growth: Aids in meditation and spiritual practices.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Vedic Astrology: Highly valued for its influence on the planet Ketu, associated with spirituality.

Ancient Beliefs: Worn as an amulet for protection against evil forces.

Fun Fact: The 'cat's eye' effect, known as chatoyancy, is caused by the reflection of light by parallel inclusions of fibers or tubes within the stone.

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