We are cruelty free and ethical. Walk the Talk.

We are cruelty free and ethical. Walk the Talk.

I want to share something with you all.

At the end of last year I was approached to sell Harriet Herbery products in China after some people had used the products and loved them and it went viral for a bit on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter).

I've sold quite a few products to people in China but then realised after the excitement of this business offer - to gain entry into the Chinese business market - all my products would have to be tested on animals!!!

This is the law there! How could I possibly sell 100% natural cruelty free vegan products with all beautiful certified organic ingredients to a country who expect animals to suffer?

I've never even eaten animals! I remember 20 years ago being told to leave a science class for refusing to cut up a rat in an "experiment". I was also sent to detention in 1991 for refusing to watch a video on animals being experimented on. It's disgusting and unnecessary.

So despite the fact I could have potentially been a multi-millionaire soon - stuff that! I declined the offer.

This is not about the people of China. This is about poor government legislation which also exists in countries within South America and many other parts of the world - and to be honest here in Australia with our misguided legislation.

Chinese people can still purchase our products directly online - and I count many Chinese people among my friend groups. And I'm absolutely delighted to have products in China and other parts of the world where people can buy direct without animal testing.

Everything I do and everyone I work with is from my heart. I will never lose my integrity for any amount of money. I would rather be a happy pauper with ethics than a gluttonous rich person void of any morals.

Harriet Herbery will continue to make beautiful organic vegan products that are cruelty free and we will be happy to spend every day dealing with lovely people who want lovely things.

I urge you to check all the products you are currently using. Despite Australia saying products should be cruelty free by a certain date - many are owned by larger companies who test on animals.

Many of these companies get you all excited with their marketing hype of words like natural and green and organic but they are testing on animals or actually using a heap of dirty chemicals in their products. Our legislation here in Australia is vague to all consumers.

Please do your research and even if you don't buy something from us, buy something that is not harming animals unnecessarily and that you aren't being tricked into buying "natural" products that are actually harming you and your family. Xx