For the love of Limes

For the love of Limes

I have the most gorgeous lime tree at home.  It is not often my tree does not have a prolific branch bending production of fruit on it.  Just picking the limes, leaves your hands with a gorgeous citrusy smell, and as well as smelling so divine they also taste pretty amazing.  My limes are a gorgeous bright green that turn to yellow when left on the tree.  Usually I just use my limes for cooking, or to squeeze into water or tea, I occasionally grate the rind and use it in biscuits and other dishes gives foods a tangy refreshing taste.  I did try my hand at using the rind in my dehydrator, which I then made into a course powder to use in cooking, teas etc.   The smell of the dehydrated lime peel was amazing and it tasted pretty good too, just remember to take off as much pith as you can, it can leave a slightly bitter taste.  I cant wait to try putting these whole fruits through the hydrosol still..... and discovering what the end result will be.


The fresh citrusy aroma of lime, I find joyous, uplifting and energising.  The many uses of limes and the essential oil is amazing.  Therapeutic uses of this oil may include,  antimicrobial - for help with throat infections and influenza.  Detoxification - to help with fluid retention and cellulite.  Psychological - to ease mental fatigue or stress and anxiety.  Digestive issues - help ease indigestion, as well as for skin care where it may act as an astringent, and use in perfumery, where it may act as a top note blending well with lavender, rosemary and neroli. 

I love the thought of using it for magical purposes as well, these could include for clearing or cleansing a room or magical tools.  It may help to protect from negativity and offer psychic protection.  Lime oil is associated with the crown chakra and the zodiac sign Leo.  Its elements are fire and water.

Interestingly lime juice was always carried on sailing ships years ago, to help prevent scurvy outbreaks, even thought there was no understanding of vitamins or the medicinal benefits of fruits and vegetables in those times.  

The oil blends well with other oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon, Neroli and Ylang Ylang.

General safety cautions - Lime oil is phototoxic. Also recommended is to keep this oil in a dark airtight container, either in a cool area or even in the fridge.   


I made up a small blend of 2 parts Lime, 3 parts Black Pepper, 1 part Peppermint and 1 part Ylang Ylang, for use in my defuser.  I find it clears my head, it is energising and uplifting and is just plain divine smelling in my home.