Benefits of Epsom Salt bathing

Benefits of Epsom Salt bathing


Epsom Salts – chemically known as magnesium sulfate – are named after the spring in Surrey, England where the naturally-occurring mineral was discovered in the water. I was born in Epsom, so perhaps that's why I've always loved Epsom salts!

They're a must have natural remedy for every home. Depending on the condition, Epsom salts may be used topically or taken internally.
Here are some of the cool things Epsom Salts do for you when you're bathing in them.

1⃣ They relax your body
2⃣ Relieve pain and cramping
3⃣ Regulates muscle and nerve function
4⃣ Improve circulation
5⃣ Remove splinters
6⃣ Soothe sprains and bruises
7⃣ Keep feet healthy
8⃣ Can ease gout discomfort

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