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Harriet Herbery

Tea Tree Hydrosol

Tea Tree Hydrosol

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Tea Tree Hydrosol 50ml

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree hydrosol has a sharp, medicinal, disinfectant like aroma. The taste when taken undiluted is also quite sharp & medicinal, although when diluted the flavour is much improved. It has quite a stable shelf life lasting 16 months & longer. 

Tea Tree hydrosol has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties.

It can be used internally for many conditions including a mouthwash for gingivitis, sore throats, coughs or even combine it with honey for a cough syrup. It can be combined with eucalyptus hydrosol for to help treat chest infections. It can also be taken internally for cleansing parasites - take 1/2 tbs x 4 times a day. Or combine with peppermint hydrosol to aid poor digestion or bad breath.

Topically it can be used straight to cleanse cuts, scrapes, wounds & skin infections of all kinds. Mix it with some Lavender hydrosol to cleanse cuts & scrapes on children. Soak nail fungal infections or use a hydrosol compress. Can be diluted in a douche for thrush or candidiasis & urinary tract infections. It is fantastic as a facial toner & cleanser & can be used on acne & pimples. 

Uses - Room spray, face / body spritz or spray, compress, face wipe, bath, tea or drink, skin care.

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