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Smudge/Herbal - Cleanse & Protect Blend - 10gm

Smudge/Herbal - Cleanse & Protect Blend - 10gm

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This is a mystical blend of lavender buds & sage leaves, mixed to help with cleansing our space from negative energy as well as offering protection.

This floral, earthy smelling mix of herbs may be used in a smudging/burning ritual to help invoke feelings of happiness while helping with cleansing and protection.

The act of burning herbs is common to many cultures throughout the world and commonly associated with Native American traditions. The ancient spiritual roots of this intentional act is believed to harness the spirit of sacred plants to cleanse a person, space or object of negative energies.

By repeating your intention in the form of an affirmation, mantra or prayer, either aloud or in your own mind throughout the ritual, you can shift the energy to release negativity and manifest positive changes.

To burn resin/incense/herb, place a charcoal tablet onto a heat proof surface and light with a match. When lit, place a small quantity of incense onto the block and allow the aromatic scent to pervade the room, adding more if required according to personal preference.  Be careful to use tongs as charcoal tablet is hot!

Alternatively place resin/incense/herb in the top of an oil burner (I put foil in the top first as the resin sticks and is hard to clean) and light a candle underneath to warm and then disperse the aromatic scent.

We do not recommend these resins or herbs as a replacement for traditional medicine.

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