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Sensuality Roller Blend

Sensuality Roller Blend

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This blend is sweet and sensual and may heighten your senses and set the mood for romance.

It's a blend of oils well known for aphrodisiac qualities. 
This blend contains 100% pure essential oils of lavender, jasmine sambuc, rose damask, cedarwood, sweet orange and ylang ylang.

This is the Sensuality synergy blend that is available online but it is safely diluted at 3% into a jojoba base.  

Simply roll on and breathe. 

It is possible that this blend may cause sensitivities; we do not recommend these oil blends as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy. Do not ingest.

If you prefer to inhale - I recommend the Sensuality synergy which you can diffuse or use in on of our personal inhalers. 

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