Ruh Khus 5ml

Harriet Herbery

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Ruh Khus 5ml - Harriet Herbery
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Ruh Khus Essential Oil


Ruh Khus essential oil, also known as wild vetiver, is distilled from the roots and has nervous system stabilising and uplifting properties, making it a good choice for helping to reduce stress and depression.

It has a balancing effect to help ease nervous tension and excessive energy while helping to concentrate the mind, to organize scattered thoughts and to overcome intellectual fatigue.

Ruh Khus is used as a natural tranquiliser as it can also assist with sleep and insomnia concerns. It has superior grounding properties make ruh khus essential oil an overall effective choice for emotional centering.

If you love vetiver you will adore this. If you need grounding you will adore this.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

It is a very thick Oil and I suggest to use it for inhalation or blend with lavender and other top notes if diffusing so it doesn't clog the diffuser.

It's an incredible fixative in perfumes!

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