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Lime - Citrus x aurantifolia

Family: Rutaceae

Growing & Harvesting method: Sustainable distillation

Perfumery Note: Top

Origin: Northern India

Aroma: Fresh, citrusy, tangy, fruity, concentrated

Aromatic Intensity: 3-4

Scent Group: Citrus

Colour: Pale yellow

Perfume Note: Top

Blends well with: other citrus oils, frankincense, sandalwood, peppermint, lavender, ginger, rosemary, sweet fennel and florals such as ylang ylang, geranium, .

Chemical Composition: Can vary seasonally.


Lime oil is considered cooling and drying, making it an excellent digestive and detoxifying essential oil.  This oil can help enhance well being and vitality, as well as assisting with mental fatigue, restlessness, irritability and lack of focus.  The aroma is like a breath of fresh air, enhancing positiveness and calmness.

Therapeutic Actions:

West Indian Lime oil is cited in research as an anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, chemoprotective, anticholinergic, as well as being used for weight reduction and stress reduction .

Aromatherapy Uses

You may wish to use Lime in formulations with other oils to support the relief of stress, anxiety and nervous tension.  It may also be used to help relive mental fatigue, and for the relief of indigestion. (Battaglia, S., Complete Guide to Aromatherapy)

Lime may be used in foot baths, baths, massage, skin care, compresses, ointments, diffusion or inhalation.

Magical Uses: May be used to help stimulate the mind, helping manifest abundance and success.  Lime also may be used to cleanse and purify magical tools as well as helping to create a protective barrier against negativity.  

Chakra: Linked with the crown chakra.  May be used to help energetic cord cutting or detaching.  Also may be useful in enhancing ones perception of truth within a situation.

Elemental: Fire/Water

Astrology: Leo


May help to alleviate mental fatigue, stress or anxiety by blending with Black Pepper, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang.  

Cautions/Contraindications: Generally considered safe (GRAS) however may cause skin irritation so always best to dilute

Other Information:

Citrus oils are easily oxidised. It is often best to keep them in a fridge. Ensure that the bottle does not have too much air in it. Personally if I have purchased a 10ml bottle and find myself with say 3 ml left, I will decant that into a smaller bottle to extend shelf life to prevent oxidisation. You will smell when oils are rancid. If your orange oil becomes rancid over the years, simply put into a spray bottle with some distilled water and use as an antibacterial spray in your shower or toilet areas.




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