Jasminum Officinalis Absolute

Harriet Herbery

Jasminum Officinalis Absolute - Harriet Herbery
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Jasmine is a warm sensual and romantic oil which is native to India. It is used a lot in skin care.

Botanical Name: Jasminum Officinalis

Extraction Method: Solvent extraction

Country of Origin: India

Plant material used: Flowers

Colour: Orange to brown

Aroma: Characteristic jasmine smell - sweet and floral

Blends well with: Ylang ylang and sandalwood and other florals  I also love it with Peru Balsam and Benzoin  

Typical constituents: Benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl alcohol, fanesene, indole, benzyl benzoate + phytol, cisjasmone, methyl anthranilate

Cautions: Tisserand and Young indicate that there is moderate risk of skin sensitization when using Jasmine Absolute topically, and they recommend a dermal maximum of 0.7%.

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