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Golden Jade Silk Tumbled

Golden Jade Silk Tumbled

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Golden Jade Silk Tumbled

Golden Silk Jade - Color: Shades of golden yellow, ranging from pale to deep Star Signs: Leo, Libra Chakra: Solar Plexus Associated God/Goddess: Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance, is sometimes associated with Golden Jade due to its associations with abundance and prosperity.

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances abundance, prosperity, and positive energy. Used for its uplifting and empowering energy.

Healing Properties: Abundance and Prosperity: Attracts wealth, success, and abundance.* Positive Energy: Radiates positivity, dispelling negativity and promoting a joyful outlook. * Emotional Healing: Supports emotional well-being and inner harmony.

Additional Properties:

Confidence and Empowerment: Encourages a sense of confidence, courage, and inner strength. * Vitality and Energy: Boosts physical vitality, stamina, and overall energy levels.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Golden Jade is believed to bring a sense of abundance, prosperity, and positive energy.

Fun Fact: Golden Jade has been treasured for centuries in various cultures as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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