Frankincense Hydrosol - Boswelia carterii 50ml

Harriet Herbery

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Frankincense - Boswelia Carterii - Harriet Herbery
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Frankincense Hydrosol 

Boswellia carterii

Has a very similar scent to the essential oil.  Tastes soft & dry when diluted in a small amount of water.  Can be bitter if tasted undiluted. 

Frankincense is amazing on the skin. It is just beautiful at assisting with skin-healing as it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic properties as well as having the ability to tone and improve skin texture. Use a mist spray over face to give skin a finer texture.   Or use in face masks & creams as a daily wrinkle treatment. 

It can also help to expand & deepen our breathing by opening up our airways, drying up mucus in the lungs, and expelling phlegm. 

Can be used as a mouth gargle for mouth or gum infections, as well as being used internally for urinary or reproductive infections.  May also help with meditation, healing or ritual work, to help expand the "energy body".

 Uses - Room spray, face / body spritz or spray, compress, face wipe, bath, tea or drink, skin care.


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