Dr Pappas Frankincense Fusion

Harriet Herbery

Dr Pappas Frankincense Fusion - Harriet Herbery
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30ml Amber Bottle with Dropper

CBD/BCP extraction with Frankincense Vital Oil, 99% Beta-Caryophyllene in a Vitamin E and Coconut Oil Base.

From Dr Pappas himself...

"Some of you have now received my CBD-BCP Frankincense Fusion topical pain relief blend that’s selling at Alchemy Extracts International and as this is the first blend of its type to fuse the healing properties of the cannabis world (CBD) with those of the essential oil world (beta-caryophyllene + frankincense ) I’d really like to get your feedback on what you think of the blend. Remember too that the base blend (witch utilizes my Frankincense Vital Oil along with my 99% beta-caryophyllene in a natural vitamin E/coconut oil base) is available to other cannabis/CBD extract producers to combine with your own cannabinoid extracts to formulate to your custom desired cannabinoid strength. So far the results of using this blend in my family have been nothing short of phenomenal so I want to see if others are seeing the same thing."

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