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Coffee CO2 Oil - 10ml

Coffee CO2 Oil - 10ml

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Coffee CO2 Oil - 10ml


Botanical Name: Coffea arabica L.

Family: Rubiaceae

Plant Part Used: Dried and roasted beans

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction  (Supercritical carbon dioxide. This method uses carbon dioxide that is in a fluid state but has a temperature and pressure that give it unique properties somewhere between a gas and a liquid. This enables it to act as a solvent that is idea for chemical extraction due to its low toxicity. It is also able to preserve some of the more volatile components of essential oils that may be lost when other extraction methods are used.  It is also very easy to separate the solvent (CO2) from the oil at the end of the process ensuring maximum purity.)

Aromatic Description: Strong black coffee

Colour/Characteristics: Dark brown, viscous liquid.  May be difficult to extract from bottle therefore it is suggested to gently warm before use in a warm water bath.  Removing the dripolator may also be required.

Blends Well With:  Cinnamon, clove, ginger, sandalwood, black pepper, lavender, patchouli, jasmine, peppermint, vanilla, vetiver

Properties/Uses: Coffee CO2 oil may be used as a potential antioxidant, to help prevent against UV damage.  May also stimulate hair growth, circulation in the skin and for the reduction of cellulite.  

Safety: Avoid use with individuals who have a caffeine sensitivity or intolerance. 

Conservation Status: Listed as endangered on the ICUN red list.


We do not recommend these products as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Do Not Ingest.

Do Not Use Undiluted.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs.

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