Certificate in Aromatic Phytotherapy - April 26 - 28

Harriet Herbery

Certificate in Aromatic Phytotherapy - April 26 - 28 - Harriet Herbery
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This is an in person 3 day intensive certificate to build your foundational knowledge of aromatherapy and herbal medicine. We will cover essential oils, hydrosols as well as plants for medicinal use.

This is really important. You need to know the plants and forge a connection with them to understand all of their various capabilities. You will leave this weekend feeling not only closer to nature but having a far better understanding of how to use plants to their best capacity for therapeutic purposes.

You will learn and feel confident with:

  • Basic Aromatic Chemistry

  • Blending Essential Oils safely

  • 10 Essential Oil Profiles

  • Lipids - Understanding various Carrier Oils

  • 6 Hydrosol Profiles

  • Creating a Perfume with Essential Oils

  • Understanding the aromatic categories and notes

  • How to do a basic distillation (we will do one together)

  • Understanding the basics of herbal medicine

  • Connecting with plants

  • Using herbs for topical use

  • Creating an herbal oil

  • Creating a salve

  • Creating a roller blend

  • Understanding what method to use and when

  • Starting your Materia Medica

  • Case Studies - how and why

Price includes classes for the weekend, comprehensive course notes as well as certificate at the end of the weekend. Some pre-homework may be given to bring on the day. Costs exclude accommodation and food. We will provide some tasty snacks during the day.

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