Benzoin Siam Macerated Oil - 15ml

Harriet Herbery

Benzoin Siam Macerated Oil - 15ml
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Ingredients: Styrax Tonkinensis Resin Extract, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol

Colour: Dark brown.

Smell: It has a deep smell not dissimilar to vanilla.

Appearance: Oily - but this isn't an oil. It is a blend of Propylene Glycol and Ethanol.

Benzoin Siam Macerated Oil is much easier to handle than the crystals or the gum but still retains a strong, vanilla/ balsamic aroma. 

Benzoin macerated oil is insoluble in oil or water but can be added into a cosmetic emulsion or dispersed through a thickened balm.  In an essential oil blend it could be added into a massage oil.

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