Aroma Kit Consult

Harriet Herbery

Aroma Kit Consult - Harriet Herbery
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We have so many people constantly asking to curate an essential oils kit for them. We believe the safest and most cost-effective way for you to start your essential oil journey is to have a private appointment with an aromatherapist who can discuss  your individual circumstances and curate a cost-effective aromatherapy kit with you.

You will speak with a qualified aromatherapist who will guide you on either the best single oils or blends or hydrosols that will suit your situation and budget.

There's no point spending hundreds of dollars on essential oil kits filled with oils you will never use or need. This is also not sustainable for the industry to have so many wasted precious oils.

Your private consultation will go for up to 30 minutes and then we will email you recommendations. You are under no obligation to purchase our essential oils, but you will have a better idea of what is safe and effective for you and your family.

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