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Angel Aura Clear Quartz Tumbled

Angel Aura Clear Quartz Tumbled

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Angel Aura Clear Quartz Tumbled

Angel Aura Clear Quartz - colour: Clear Quartz with a iridescent, rainbow-like sheen Star Signs: All signs

Chakra: Crown, Higher Crown (Soul Star) Associated God/Goddess: Archangel Michael, known as the angel of protection and guidance, is sometimes associated with Angel Aura Quartz due to its associations with higher guidance.

Primary Uses:

Witchcraft: Enhances spiritual connection, higher guidance, and emotional healing. Used for its uplifting and angelic energy.

Healing Properties: Spiritual Connection: Facilitates a deep connection to higher realms and angelic energies. * Emotional Healing: Supports emotional well-being, bringing feelings of peace and inner harmony.

Amplification: Amplifies the properties of Clear Quartz with an added ethereal quality.

Additional Properties:

Higher Guidance: Facilitates communication with higher beings and spirit guides. * Balancing Energy: Brings balance to emotions and encourages a sense of inner peace.

Beliefs and Traditions:

Angel Aura Clear Quartz is valued for its ability to enhance spiritual connection and provide a sense of divine guidance.

Fun Fact: Angel Aura Clear Quartz is created through a process of bonding vaporized platinum and other trace metals onto Clear Quartz, resulting in its unique iridescent appearance.

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