Who We Support

We regularly support a range of not for profits and causes that align with our brand ethos. If you think we can help you with your fundraising please feel free to send us a proposal via email.


As part of our commitment to sustainable living and environmental responsibility, we purchased a small area of a forest in Spain to ensure Harriet Herbery is always carbon neutral.

We will be able to track progress as the trees are growing so will provide updates over time.

Although not a massive amount of land at this point, Harriet Herbery will capture up to 4 tons of CO2 in 15 years.

As our company grows we will look to expanding into more projects like this and helping to make the world a better place to leave to our children and their children. So thanks for your support in making this happen! ?❤️?


Fusion are an incredible organisation who respond to socially-at-risk young people in Australia. Harriet Herbery proudly provides Fusion with a range of Synergy Blends to help holistically heal people in their care through aromacare.


Donation Chain aims to provide a bridge in the community and to close the gap between those less fortunate. Harriet Herbery donates products for members requiring basic toiletries etc.




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