Laura A'Bell

Laura A'Bell, Harriet Herbery

Laura is the Founder of Harriet Herbery and the Director of Education at The School for Botanical Alchemy.

Laura first commenced natural therapies training in the late 1990's where she began aromatic blending and formulating for a botanical skin care business, Sevenly.

She holds qualifications in aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, herbal medicine, iridology, chromotherapy and kinesiology.

In addition, Laura holds post-graduate qualifications in strategic communications and writing having spent a considerable amount of time working in international aid development and Federal and State government in health and education organisations as a Strategic Communications Executive.

Her decades experience in the performing arts give her the confidence to speak and present regularly at workshops and presentations.

Laura's main focus is on teaching safety within Australia as well as working with people suffering PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety and Stress and children with ASD, ADHD and other conditions.

Laura is regularly consulted by other health professionals and works with a range of practitioners to deliver holistic care and programs.

She has recently drawn on her professional writing skills and love of natural medicine and published her first book 'Suki, The Little Alchemist' to encourage children to connect back with nature and the magic of plants.

Laura A'Bell, Member AIA  

Media & Interviews

Over the years Laura has been interviewed on a range of media including ABC, Triple JJJ, Kids Mind Body Spirit, Health Australia Party, Australian Aromatherapy, and many others.

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