Energetic Healing


As a Reiki/Seichim/Energy Healer, I would like to offer you the magickal benefits of a healing session to help restore your energetic harmony & balance within your WHOLE BODY (emotional, spiritual, physical & mental).

 Choose between a 40 min or 60 min energy healing session.

 At this time all energy healing sessions will be offered in person, in the beautiful Mirboo North.

 What will your energy session include?

  • Energy healing for chosen time.  Please also allow for extra time approx 15 - 30 mins for a before and after chat.
  • You get to lie down comfortably on a massage table, with pillows and blankets and relax with your eyes shut.  A chair is available if you are unable to lie down.
  • An intuitively picked essential oil or oil blend that can help to support you on your energetic journey.  This will be available to purchase separately to take home if you wish, after the healing session to help support you on your energetic journey.
  • Water, herbal tea, tissues.
  • Sacred, supportive, non-judgmental, loving, energetic, healing space.


For more information or to book an appointment please contact me via

email - mel@harrietherbery.com.au or

phone - 0429682313 



 What is energy healing?

Energy healing is based on the idea that "universal life force energy" flows through all living beings. If our "universal life force energy" is low, blocked or out of balance, then we are more susceptible to feeling stress or getting sick.

 Energy Healing is a gentle, safe, non-invasive technique, using either a hands on or hands off technique that facilitates restoring energetic harmony & balance in our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. Thus encouraging & supporting our bodies own inherent ability to heal & take care of itself.

 Energy / Reiki / Seichim all have an intelligence of their own & will innately flow to the area it is most needed. Individuals receiving energy healing will experience different sensations. Some of these sensations include feelings of warmth, cold, tingling, some individuals feel relaxed, light, blissful, some may feel an energy release like crying, tummy gurgling or yawning. Others may see, hear or experience messages or visions. Some just experience a wonderful time of relaxation. Whatever the experience, the benefits of an energy treatment are always as they should be for that person.


What is Reiki & Seichim?

Reiki is made up of two Japanese words, that can be translated into "Universal Life Force Energy".  The two words of Reiki are Rei (Ray) - Spiritual or Universal and ki (kee) - Life Energy / Life Force.

 Seichim (Sak-keem) or Sekhem (Say-kem) is known as Living Light Energy and is an ancient Egyptian healing system much like Reiki.  Sekhem is the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian term prana which is used to describe the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together and that which is present in all life.

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