Strawberry Hydrosol 50ml

Harriet Herbery

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Strawberry Hydrosol 50ml
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Fragaria vesca 

Strawberry hydrosol has a strong, refreshing, sweet, berry aroma.

Undiluted it tastes sharp, not sweet like the fruit but has a strawberry after taste that lingers. Diluting it takes away the sharpness, it is quite refreshing.

Emotionally when I tasted the hydrosol, it brought an immediate calming effect. I think it would be amazing to help calm frazzled nerves, especially the type we get when stressed & not sleeping.

Strawberries are high in Vit C & antioxidants as well as folate, potassium & Vit B9, making the hydrosol an amazing addition in skin care, especially oily skin types. It is both astringent & hydrating and may help reduce skin inflammation, reduce acne & assist with collagen production helping to prevent wrinkles. It may also help reduce dandruff & help hydrate dry hair. 

Uses - Room spray, face / body spritz or spray, diffuser, compress, face wipe, bath, tea or drink, skin care. Can be used in cooking - deserts, baking, drinks, glass of champagne.

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