Helichrysum Immortelle hydrosol

Harriet Herbery

Helichrysum Immortelle hydrosol - Harriet Herbery
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50ml bottles of the very finest Immortelle Hydrosol on the globe. 

Diatilled from Helichrysum italicum in Melbourne Australia. 

Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum

pH:  Immortelle has a pH of around 3.5-38

Aroma & Taste:  Debatable! I adore it but many find it too much. It is dusty and warm and almost hay like. Some think it is like lamb

Excellent for bumps and bruises and bangs to the skin. It is an analgesic but not as strong as the oil. It is an excellent anti-hematoma so always my first go to in this instance.

Can be used in synergy with the oil if required and will help to reduce swelling post surgery and speed up healing of any cuts or incisions.

Immortelle is useful for detoxifying the liver from anaesthetics so you can see how useful it is for people who have had surgery.

Research has also demonstrated effectiveness as a mouthwash post dental work as well as using for gingivitis and other oral disease.

Many case studies exist on its emotional effects in Australia.



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