French Cornflower Hydrosol

Harriet Herbery

French Cornflower Hydrosol - Harriet Herbery
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50ml bottle of Cornflower Hydrosol* *certified organic

Cornflower has a pH of around 4.7 - 5.0 with a shelf life of around 12 months. I store mine in the fridge!

It has a very delicate and floral scent and a lovely taste.

It is one of only four hyrosols which can be used safely as an eyewash. It's excellent for dry and itchy eyes to help soothe them. Simply dab on a cotton pad and rest.

On the skin it is excellent for dry and mature skin. You can add it in with your mud mask applications.

Due to the present of phytohormones it should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy. You will find it useful for hormones at all other times.



Botanical Name: Centaurea Cyanus


Cornflower hydrosol has a pH of around 4.7-5.0 and has a moderately unstable shelf life of only around twelve months. This can be extended by storing in refrigerator.

Aroma & Taste

The aroma is floral and delicate. It is very pleasant. The taste of cornflower is immediate but then subsides. It is a clear and nice taste.


The properties of Cornflower hydrosol are considered to be interchangeable with sandalwood for topical use. Cornflower is on of the few hydrosols which can be used as an eyewash. Many find it very useful for tired and dry eyes and for relieving allergy symptoms such as hayfever and scratchy eyes.

It's amazing for dry and mature skin and I recommend trying it with spa minerals/clays to create a paste for a mud mask. 

Cornflower is cautioned during the first trimester of pregnancy due to phytohormones being present. As such, you must avoid in that period. 

The phytohormones make Cornflower a great choice for menopause and other female hormonal symptoms. It is excellent for hot flushes and is also helpful for fevers with children. Simply apply on a compress.

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