Angelica Root 5ml

Harriet Herbery

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Angelica Root 5ml - Harriet Herbery
  • Angelica Root 5ml - Harriet Herbery
  • Angelica Root 5ml - Harriet Herbery
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Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica

Family: Apiaceae

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Colour: Pale yellow to orange brown.

Blends well with:  woody oils and some citrus - think cedarwood, cypress, orange, litsea cubeba, yuzu, melissa.


This is known as the oil of the angels, the divine and so much more.

Amazing sedative which is often used for drug and alcohol withdrawal (more commonly the herb, but likewise with the essential oil); it's brilliant following illness and during convalescense, excellent for restorative skin blends, digestive issues and menstruation.

Cautions: Not to be used during pregnancy, caution with children and potentially phototoxic (don't expose yourself in the sun for 12 hours following application).


We do not recommend these products as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Do Not Ingest.

Do Not Use Undiluted.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs.


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