Crystals - Lava Stone - Tumbled

Harriet Herbery

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Crystals - Lava Stone - Tumbled
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Lava stone is spiritually believed to have an extremely strong connection with Mother Earth.

It is a very grounding stone which can help us to connect or get in touch with nature as well as strengthen our personal connection with Mother Earth.

Lava stone is a very stabilising stone, that can help us remain centred, calm, grounded and more adaptable to change

These lava stones are the perfect stone to use in the crystal keychain or necklace as they are not only grounding and calming.  They are perfect for adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil, to carry around and smell as needed.  The lava stone is porous and will absorb the essential oil. 

Please remember if wearing a lava stone that has been imbued with essential oils.  The essential oils can still react if in contact with the skin.

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