Anxiety Roller Blend

Harriet Herbery

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Anxiety Roller Blend
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This is what anxiety assistance looks like in the Apothecary!

it looks pretty, smells amazing and works a treat on so many people. 

This is the Anxiety synergy blend that is available online but it is safely diluted at 3% into a jojoba base. 

This Synergy blend smells divine and contains 100% pure essential oils of lavender, 
ylang ylang, rosewood and bergamot in the jojoba base.

Simply roll on and breathe. 

If you prefer to inhale - I recommend the Anxiety synergy which you can diffuse or use in on of our personal inhalers. 

Either way - this blend has helped me numerous times and over 300 people who have purchased it. I truly hope it helps you too x

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