The Apothecary Box - Winter Seasonal

The Apothecary Box - Winter Seasonal

Here it is! The first seasonal quarterly box for Winter!

It's filled with beautiful things to support you and your family through the winter season. I hope you enjoy all the beautiful aromas in this box.

So open your box and set the mood. You can light your candle, pop your feet into soak, enjoy a cup of herbal tea and enjoy the aromas of the oils in a diffuser or topical blend.

Read on for further info!

Breathe Synergy Blend - 100% pure essential oil

This will help you breathe through winter as a respiratory as well as a calmer. It's perfect for diffusing and features my favourite wildcrafted Ravensara, Lavender and a hint of Black Pepper. I hope you enjoy it. You need only around 4-5 drops in 100ml diffuser or simply inhale from the bottle. Alternatively use a personal inhaler stick and you can enjoy whenever you like.

Secret Winter

Harriet Herbery Secret Winter Blend 

I have a lovely aromatherapy student Shellie who I am mentoring once a week. She has helped to create this beautiful winter blend which I hope you will enjoy in your diffuser or even directly inhaling from the bottle.

This is a power blend featuring tea tree, cedarwood, eucalyptus and lavender. I recommend only 4-5 drops in a 100ml water diffuser. If you have small children, ensure the blend is being diffused away from them (I keep mine high up on a tallboy).


Harriet Herbery Copaiba Oil

This is a lovely exotic oil and is beautiful for pain. Given winter is full of aches and pains for many people, I thought it a perfect addition to the box to help soothe tired and achy people :)

Copaiba Balsam has long been used to soothe the joint pains associated with normal aging. It makes a delicate warming addition to respiratory blends, and is a bit more gentle than stronger oils like eucalyptus.

The reasons for using the oleoresin in aromatherapy are that it does less damage to the trees, and it contains more therapeutic compounds than the distilled oil. This is oil soluble.

Copaiba Balsam has a very delicate aroma. It is sweet, smooth and has a creamy-woody scent.

Blends well with sandalwood, vanilla, lime, cedar wood, lavender, black pepper, frankincense, ylang ylang and more.

This is extracted by tree tapping and comes from Brazil.

It is non toxic with no known contraindications or hazards.

It's been shown to reduce reduce lung tumours in studies and displays anti-tumoral activities (Tisserand)


In the winter box you will either have received a packet of Immuni-T or a bag of elderberries.

All herbs are certified organic and there's enough for a number of herbal brews for you!

The Immuni-T contains Lemon Myrtle, Cornflower, Echinacea.

You may wish to use the elderberries as a tea or as a syrup. You can check out our Elderberry Syrup recipe here.

Harriet Herbery Immuni-Tea 


A beautiful hand poured beeswax candle made by Cera Alba Candles. I had to include these. This gorgeous company make such an effort in sourcing ingredients as ethical as possible. They use all Harriet Herbery essential oils in their candle blends and they just smell divine. Enjoy!

Bath Salts

Turn on your bath or run a nice foot soak and enjoy these beautiful bath salts from All Things Divine! Featuring beautiful blends created by Emily Pettitgrew the Founder of All Things Divine - all essential oils are sourced from Harriet Herbery. Aren't they yummy!

Sandalwood Hydrolat

Sandalwood Hydrosol has a PH of around 5.9-6.0 making it a stable hydrosol that should last up to 18 months if stored correctly in a cool dark place. I keep mine in the fridge. It has a beautiful soft aroma reminiscent of the essential oil. The flavour of it is quite sweet.

Sandalwood enjoys many of the same properties as my favourite hydrosol Cornflower. It's great for skin care and is a favourite for acne, eczema and psoriasis. You can add into your favourite shampoo base and it is also used therapeutically as a mouthwas for gingivitis. You may wish to try blending it with immortelle or a less astringent hydrosol as a toner. It's awesome for rosacea and I like it blended with chamomile or lavender for that purpose. Or of course, you can enjoy it as a room spray! Let me know what you think of it.

How to use the oils

I recommend either diffusing or inhaling from the bottle. If you wish to use topically please always dilute appropriately (2-3% for adults). If you need further assistance please always speak with a qualified aromatherapist. Keep all oils out of the reach of children and store them in a cool, dark space. Never use oils internally unless under the care of an aromatic medicine practitioner.