Making Crystal Elixirs

Making Crystal Elixirs

Many people have been asking about the crystal elixirs I make. I have adored crystals since I was a young child and personally feel their healing properties.

I thought I would share the recipe so that you can also make these. They're easy to create and suitable for all ages.

To make this recipe, you need to have good intentions and believe in this.

Crystal Elixirs are convenient and can be easily made with single crystals or as blends once you know all your crystals.

Please note that there are a number of crystals and gems that should never be used as they can be potentially toxic.

So what are these elixirs I'm talking about? They work on vibrational frequencies through programming the water with the crystal charge. This is very similar to homeopathic principles or those of flower essences (think Rescue Remedy).

You can use drops under your tongue, add drops to your water or anything that you add water to, create gem sprays for rooms and clearing or for yourself. I add mine to plants in my medicinal herb garden and sometimes in the bath!


  • Glass container (I love mason jars)
  • Natural spring water (you can use distilled but clean spring is best)
  • Crystals - start with clear quartz and ensure you are using safe crystals if you try any others. Generally quartz are pretty good to use.
  • Vodka or brandy. If you don't want alcohol as a preservative, use Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Bottles with eye droppers and labels to write on it.
  • Good intentions! Meditate and attune your good intentions into the creation of your crystal elixir. This is a really important step.
  • Super moons and full moons! These are my personal preference but you may prefer new moons.


Always physically clean your crystal prior to putting it into water. Or you can use an indirect method whereby you place the crystal in a jar into a larger jar with the water.

Place crystals into a glass jar of water. Let them charge under the full moon, or if you prefer in the sun for a few hours.

Remove crystals from the water and add a 1:10 ratio of your preservative. Some people use 1:1 (50/50) but I prefer 10% alcohol in this.

You now have a Mother Batch.

From this you can add these drops to smaller bottles of distilled water. Remember that in homeopathy and vibrational medicine - the more you dilute, the stronger the energy! So your Mother Batch will last some time.

Happy crystalling!